Wisdom Healing Qigong Family Retreat
For Parents & Grandparents ... with Kids ages 6 to 14
June 28 - July 3, 2018  
The body heals with play. The mind heals with laughter. And the spirit heals with joy.

The Value of Qigong in Modern Family Life

 The distractions of a life that’s “always on” for everyone in the family — always connected to the phone, email, texting, instant messaging, social media, games, and mobile apps — can be draining for your health and wellbeing.

It's counter-intuitive, yet in this very modern lifestyle, the constant activity that makes you feel like you’re connected is actually preventing you from connecting on a more profound, energetic level with the world within you and around you.

It even stops you from fully connecting with your own mind, body, and spirit.

The practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong give you a way to transform all this modern stress and reconnect with something bigger and more essential.

Yes! Kids experience stress too!  No matter what events or conditions originally led to any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges you or your children currently experience, the ultimate cause of what you're going through is a contraction of life energy or chi.

The contraction of chi in your body, heart, and mind is what causes physical, emotional, or mental limitation, disease, or dysfunction.

By reconnecting with chi and nurturing it, you open to your ability to shift from contraction, to openness, to flow -- restoring your body's ability for healing, health, and wellbeing.

You’re awakening the power and energy medicine within you, which expands your stamina, clarity, and vitality and increases your capacity to move through modern life in more healthy ways.

As we know, the functioning of all life depends on energy.  So, the more your energy opens up, the more you experience physical, emotional, and mental well-being. By practicing Wisdom Healing Qigong, you’re not only releasing energy blockages and contractions, you’re also reprogramming your system to respond in new life-affirming patterns.

Kids practicing Qigong at the medicine-less Qigong Hospital in China in the 1980's and 1990's — and Master Mingtong Gu sharing their stories of improved memory, learning capacity, eye-sight, flexibility, and well-being!
Secrets to Unlocking your Child’s Potential

As parents and grandparents, we desire nothing more than to see our children flourish in life. We seek the best schools, activities, and programs to help them face the 21st century’s unyielding challenges. If we want our children to thrive, we must prepare them with every resource available.

In our eagerness to provide for our children, we sometimes lose sight of the basic fundamentals. Like planning a house to weather the storm, you must ensure that your children’s foundations are strong, so they will be ready to face anything.

Childhood is when we learn for the first time how to face and overcome challenges — from making friends, to sleep problems, to illnesses and injuries. So it’s a key time for us to learn techniques for calm, relaxation, happiness, and self-care.

Wisdom Healing Qigong is an excellent practice for children and young adults, because it provides a break from the busy-ness of day-to-day life while also teaching them vital life skills and helping them to maintain good health.

Qigong is a practice that nurtures our children’s fundamental potential so that they become the best versions of themselves — happy and resilient.  It helps children reconnect with their body, to the earth, to their innate creativity, and provides tools for them to sustain this connection.

Supported by case studies and scientific research findings

A systematic review of the evidence, conducted by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University, found that 9 out of 13 studies reported improvements in physical health, while 7 reported improvements in psychological health and behavior. 

Scientific studies have demonstrated that consistent use of “meditative movement-based practices” like Qigong creates measurable positive effects on children’s health and wellness

Children can often awaken and discover their powerful healing capacities more readily and more effectively than grown-ups!

In this world of uncertainty and disconnection, cultivating our children's natural abilities for wholeness, self-empowerment, and unity are the most important gifts parents and grandparents can provide.


Wisdom Healing Qigong offers a sustainable lifestyle for optimum wellness in every aspect, every age, and every stage of life ... which is why we are so excited to host our First Annual Chi Center Family Qigong Retreat in New Mexico!

Children at The Center will be taught Qigong and guided by members of our staff and guest teachers who have experience working with children. There will be arts & crafts, and lots of fun nature exploration, and healthy playtime on our private land. Kids join up with their (grand)parents for meals and other activities. In-residence families will reunite at the end of the day in rooms with multiple beds. We have designed the whole experience to foster a sense of independence and self-reliance, while making sure that everybody is connected, happy, and safe. 


"If each of us can learn to relate to each other more out of compassion, with a sense
of connection to each other, and a deep recognition of our common humanity
— and more important, to teach this to our children —
I believe that this can go a long way in reducing many
of the conflicts and problems that we see today."  -- Dalai Lama

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Meet our Family Retreat Teaching Team
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Mingtong Gu
de Castro

A Message for Kids

Qigong is a way of working with energy that was discovered over 5,000 years ago in China.  Qi or chi (pronounced chee) actually means energy and gong means work.  So, qi-gong means energy work.

The first thing to know about chi is that it is everywhere.  It’s inside you, of course, but it’s also all around you.  If you hold your hands with the palms facing each other and move them in and out slowly, you can even feel chi.

When someone says…"You sure are full of energy," they might just as well say “You sure are full of chi,” because it’s the same thing.

Once you learn how energy or chi really works, you can use it to make yourself smarter, stronger, and healthier.  You won’t get sick as often, you’ll be able to concentrate better in school, and if you play a sport, you’ll find yourself getting stronger and faster.

But more important that all of that, you’ll be a lot HAPPIER.

Based on the approved effectiveness of the Zhineng Center Retreats at the medicine-less Qigong hospital in China, our Chi Center Retreats allow you to directly access your inner medicine of mind, body, and heart through the ancient wisdom of energy practice.

Click here for information about research, studies,
and the medicine-less Qigong Hospital in China.

June 28 - July 3 • The Chi Center
Near Santa Fe, New Mexico
Join our Family
Visit the beautiful high-desert Galisteo Basin in New Mexico — 25 minutes South of Santa Fe
Bring your Family
This special retreat is for parents and grandparents to attend with their kids — ages 6 to 14
The Family Retreat begins
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Here's the Schedule:
First Day – Late Afternoon & Evening
• 3:00-6:00pm In-Residence Check-in
• 6:00-7:30pm Family-style Dinner
• 7:30-8:30pm Welcome, Introductions, Orientation, and Opening Remarks for Everyone
Days 2 through 5  – All Day
• 7:00-8:00am Early morning Practice (optional for Kids)
• 8:00-9:00am Family-style Breakfast
• 9:00am-12:30pm Expressive Art and Qigong for Kids • Qigong Teachings & Practice for Adults
• 12:30-2:00pm Family-style Lunch
• 2:00-2:30pm Chi Nap and Quiet Time for Everyone
• 2:30-6:00pm Expressive Art and Qigong for Kids • Sound Healing Practice, Teaching & Q&A for Adults
• 6:00pm-7:30pm Family-style Dinner
• 7:30-8:30pm  Movies and Activities for Kids • Teaching, Group Healing Session for Adults
Last day – Morning & Early Afternoon
• 7:00-8:00am Early morning Practice (optional for Kids)
• 8:00-9:00am Family-style Breakfast
• 9:00am-12:30pm Expressive Art and Qigong for Kids • Qigong Teaching & Practice for Adults. Plus, Individual Sharing and Closing Ceremony for Everyone
• 12:30-2:00pm Family-style Lunch and Checkout 

The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong

The Chi Center is located in the majestic high desert of Central New Mexico, just 20 minutes South of Santa Fe in Galisteo, NM.  This beautiful 79-acre resort boasts breathtaking views of New Mexico’s landscape, the dazzling sunsets over the western mountains, and expansive and true darkness that reveals the Milky Way on the many clear nights. As soon as you arrive you can feel the same healing energy of the land that the native people of this area have been feeling for thousands of years.

Workshops are held in the beautiful circular building which replicates traditional ceremonial kivas, set into the earth. The main house features six fireplaces, and the grounds include two labyrinths, outdoor fireplaces, fountains, a pond with a waterfall and paths for reflection and hiking.

“This is a place where heaven and earth truly meet within you and around you.”

Just as Dr. Pang (Master Mingtong Gu's teacher) started with ten students in the early 1970s, and inspired millions of practitioners within two decades, Mingtong started with only a few small classes. In just a few years, Wisdom Healing Qigong has expanded into a global program, with thousands of online participants, and sold-out retreats around the world. Our vision, to create a center dedicated to integrative healing through Wisdom Healing Qigong, is now a reality at The Center.

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Enjoy Great Food and Charming Accommodations

During our Healing Intensive Retreats you will enjoy stunning vistas, grounds, and the restorative atmosphere at The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong in Galisteo, NM. Along with your amazing program, you will be able to enjoy our petroglyphs, labyrinths, arroyos and trails, comfortable rooms, and healthy and flavorful meals. 1-800-959-2892  If you need shuttle service from the airport, ask for our special reservation rate with World Travel Management LYFT and Uber also have service to The Center.

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Haola! All is well ... and getting better!
Meet The Chi Center's Retreat Center General Manager, Lin Renner
Call or Email Lin for more Registration info about Retreats      1-800-959-2892


Cancellation Policy:
If you must cancel, please understand that we do not grant refunds for any reason. However, you may apply the funds you paid toward attendance of a future Chi Center Retreat of your choice, within 12 months from your date of cancellation.

If we cancel this event, you will receive 2 weeks' notice when possible, and a full refund. Please make sure you know your hotel and airline's cancellation policies before you book your travel. We are not responsible for the cost of your travel cancellation costs.